Treat minor skin inperfections in the epidermis with cutting edge high frequency technology. This non- laser quick precise treatment will dehydrate the top layer of the particular skin condition in order to allow new, healthy skin to grow. Our goal is  aesthetic improvement not perfection. Healing time varies depending upon irregularities treated and individual healing. We do not treat moles. Post care is imperative for optimal healing and best aesthetic results.


Telangiectasia (broken capillaries)-

These small dilated blood vessels near the surface of the skin can be thermally vaporized with our high frequency technology. We only treat the face. 

Cherry Angioma/blood spot-

Clusters of capillaries forming a small round dome ranging in color to red or purple disappear instantly.  

Clogged pores/blackheads -

Oil and sweat clog the pores causing white heads and blackheads. Although a facial includes extractions our high frequency machine is ideal for stubborn impurities. Oil is attracted to the probe and minimal damage is caused to the skin by stretching the pore for easy removal of debris.


These small oil filled pores are often confused with stubborn whiteheads. They are removed easily with high frequency and have minimal healing time.

Skin tags-

These small benign skin tumors often occur in creases. They are easily removed be dehydrating the tissue and will shed within a few days. 

Flat HYPER-PIGMENTATION/ sun spots- 

These small pigmented spots on the skin with clearly defined edges are often referred to as sun spots or age spots. These concentrations of melanin are flat and flush with the epidermis. Of all the skin iregularities that we treat, we approach this one with the most caution. Healing time varies depending on the individual but can be as much as 6 weeks. Post care is vital for the best results. By touching or picking at the area you can create additional inflammation that will result in more melanin/brown spots.

Keratosis -

These slightly elevated skin growths appear in various sizes and colors from light tan to black and often have a scaly appearance. They are common on the face, back, arms and neck. All of these areas can be treated. The scabs generally shed within a week or so depending on the size. We have been so pleased with the results we have had for keratosis. 

acne cysts -

Cystic acene is commonly characterized with red scaly skin, white heads, large papules and a side affect of scarring and hyper-pigmitation. These inflammatory lesions (papules, infected pustules, or nodules) affect deeper skin tissue. Although a proactive skin care regime is recommend to help normalize dead skin shedding and prevent blockage, kill bacteria and reduce inflammation our high frequency treatment is ideal to relieve clients discomfort from inflammation and reduce the risk of scarring and promote quicker healing. With our treatment we are able to remove debris and prevent over traumatizing the skin in the process. 

Post Care- 

  • Gently cleanse the area two times a day and apply moisturizing sunscreen. 
  • Clients will develop a scab on the treated areas. Scabbing varies depending on irregularities and size of treatment area.
  • The scab is natures bandaid and supports healing. The scab should stay on as long as possible. DO NOT PICK. Picking at scabs can create more inflammation and cause more harm to the area.
  • A mineral make up such as Jane Iredale can be applied to conceal the area.