Claim this sacred time in your babies creation, create space to nurture all that is happening within, celebrate and anticipate this new life. Select from our speciality maternity services.


Maternity Package

Pamper yourself—schedule 9 massages and 9 foot baths with your preferred therapist and receive a complimentary sculpted belly cast ($100 value) to capture the magic of your mothered body.

Maternity Massage Prices
Minutes 30 60 90
Weekday $45 $65 $90
Weekend $55 $75 $100

Belly Cast

Capture the beauty of this intimate time with your baby. Savor the memory of your pregnant body with a sculpted plaster cast. You can also integrate your partners hands into the cast or they can just come along to help in the creation. Cast includes digital photographs of the experience. For additional artistic adornment or creating a clay mold from your cast inquire within.

$100 (approximately 2 hours)

Henna Belly

The ceremonial art of henna application, a plant derived paste that is decoratively applied to the skin, originated in India and is used as an aesthetic ritual for weddings, festivals, and other joyful occasions. Henna is 100% natural and safe for mother and baby and will fade in approximately two to four weeks time. Celebrate the anticipated arrival of your new baby, the sensuality of your mothered body, and the joy of life within you. It is preferred if you bring some visuals and ideas of your preference in design and we can modify accordingly as we paint your belly. Henna belly art also includes digital pictures for your scrapbooks.

$80 full belly design + hands (length of time depends on intricacy of design)

Birth Doula Services

The greek origin of the word Doula, literally means "to mother the mother", and what a more appropriate time in a woman's life then to be mothered, pampered, and encouraged during her own journey into motherhood.

A birth doula is an advocate, educator, and emotional and physical support person for a woman and her partner prior to and during childbirth.

Having consistent, loving and neutral support during the miraculous, challenging, and intensity of labor can dramatically change a woman's experience of birth. Doulas do not provide medical advice or support and are in now way a substitute for the necessary medical care but rather are an additional support system that empowers women with additional tools and guidance to support them through this miraculous journey of birth.

This support is created long before entering the labor room with an intimate and caring relationship throughout the pregnancy. Doulas empower women and their partners through education, guiding them with tools to listen to their own bodies and tap into their own innate wisdom.

Although there are often unknowns in the progression of a woman's birth, having the necessary support for this challenging, beautiful, and empowering process can change a couples perception and experience of birth and motherhood forever.

Doulas assist you and your partner during labor

  • Integrate elements of relaxation such as music, massage, and essential oils
  • Teach and practice body / mind relaxation techniques, empowering a woman with tools to keep her body / mind relaxed and ride the waves of labor with the least amount of resistance. There is a direct connection with muscular tone and emotional states. A relaxed body, and confident mother and partner can make all the difference in their ability to manage labor and create a joyful experience.
  • Teach, guide, and remind women of various breathing techniques to keep the body relaxed, the mind engaged, and the ride of each contraction manageable. The ancient art of pranayama, or breath control, is a powerful tool to aid the body. In only 3 breathes you can completely change the chemistry of your body. We are all just chemistry.
  • Empower and support fathers and partners with the tools to assist their loved one in labor. There is never too much support for a laboring mother. Working as a team is essential to maintain as much comfort to the mother as possible and maintain the necessary stamina needed to assist a woman through her birth. Doulas are there to support your vision of birth however you define it.
  • Teach and employ various comfort positions for the different stages of labor, assisting with birth balls, showers, counter pressure, ribozzo (a mexican scarf that can assist in various positions to aid the mothers pelvis opening and relieving intense pressure), massage, and tender and consistent care.
  • Help a woman and partner process the emotional aspects of labor throughout the experience and beyond.

There is nothing more magical then supporting families in the birth of their babies, and the transition of an expanded family with a new life. We are greatly honored to assist in this beautiful process.

Need Stats?

When doulas are present for birth:

  • 50% reduction in the cesarean rate
  • 25% shorter labor
  • 60% reduction in epidural requests
  • 40% reduction in pitocin use
  • 30% reduction in analgesia use
  • 40% reduction in forceps in delivery

Information obtained from studies recorded in Mothering the Mothering: How a Doula Can Help You Have a Shorter Easier and Healthier Birth. Klaus, Kennel, Klaus (1993)

$450 per birth- includes two preparatory meetings and birth