Facial Massage

All of our facial massages feature our luxury, wildcrafted signature products, Emerge Botanicals, made with potent organic ingredients. Products are exclusively designed for Emerge customers, most are harvested directly from the creators garden, all assure the purest of products to reveal a new radiant healthy you. Let us take you on an aromatic journey with the finest ingredients, aromas, and earth friendly philosophies combine into our cleansers, exfoliants, masks, toner and moisturizers.

All of our facials incorporate the use of Pure paraffin a mineral free paraffin alternative, on your hands and feet and the use of warm heated booties during your facial treatment, as well as a massage on the arms, neck, hands and feet. Additional massage packages can also be added.

Our Facial massages do not include the use of extractions or chemical peels.
We do not analyze or specifically treat problem skin in facial massages.  Please book botanical facials under advanced skin therapy for therapeutic facials.

Nature's Glow Facial Massage

This rhythmically relaxing hot stone facial deeply purifies featuring our signature Green clay & orange flower mask with oceanic seaweed. This mask literally drinks oils, toxins, and impurities from your skin, revitalizing your complexion and tightening pores. Our signature Hot stone facial increase circulation and delivers rich nutrients to the tissues. Finished with the ancient beauty secret of china, our cool jade roller massage improves lymphatic drainage, clears areas of puffiness and congestion and leaves your skin firm and detoxified with a superior sensory experience. Let the science and abundance of Nature make you Glow with our Natures Glow Facial.

Nature's Glow Prices
Minutes 60 + 30 Massage + 60 Massage
Weekday $75 $110 $135
Weekend $85 $120 $145
Steam Addon Available

Pure Lift Facial Massage

Imagine melting away with the undulating facial massage of contrasting warm basalt and cool marble stones . This contrast stone facial irons out small facial lines, activates energy points, and stimulates a vascular gymnastics effect, optimizing the blood flow for healthy tissue . Our Pure Lift facial is most well known for its Naturual Face Lift, incorporating invigorating manual and stone massage and featuring our locally sourced signature honey Tap. Raw Honey long known for its antibacterial and abundant antioxidants properties is sure to give your complexion a boost and deeply moisturize. This vigorous facial tightens the skin and muscles of the neck, jaw, and cheek revealing a firmer more youthful you.

Pure Lift Prices
Minutes 60 + 30 Massage + 60 Massage
Weekday $80 $115 $140
Weekend $90 $125 $150
Steam Addon Available

Radiant Facial Massage Package

Experience the best of both facials with our combined treatment. This longer package incorporates the use of cool marble, and hot stones as well as the honey mask, Green clay & Flower mask, and jade roller. It is our Pure Lift and Natures Glow combined. Gather all the benefits detoxify, Lift and Glow in one. Also, Includes some front body massage.

Radiant Package Prices
Minutes 90 120
Weekday $120 $145
Weekend $130 $155
Steam Addon Available