Oncology Massage

For cancer patients currently or recently receiving treatment

Enhance your well-being with therapeutic touch and a heartfelt presence from our skilled practitioners. Massage provides vital comfort, helping to decrease anxiety, depression, nausea, and fatigue. Our therapist are trained to modify our touch with no harm protocols using gentle, non invasive modalities for those in nearly every stage of cancer. Cancer is not a contraindication for all styles of massage.  Our individualized approach to treatment includes the ancient wisdom of reflexology, shiatsu pressure points and hands on therapy. This massage is completely clothed and modified to meet your individual needs.

Oncology Massage Prices
Minutes 30 60
Price $40 $60


In-Chair Reflexology

For patients actively receiving chemotherapy

Experience nurturing and therapeutic manual reflexology while you receive your chemo treatment. This deeply therapeutic manual reflexology stimulates the tens of thousands of nerve endings found in your feet as well as activating and energizing the reflexes found in the feet that correspond to certain glands, organs, and parts of the body.  Feel yourself melt away with this ancient modality and relaxation.

In-Chair Reflexology $1/min
Minutes 15 30
Price $15 $30


Survivorship Massage

This customized massage taps into the diversity of our skill set to help your body heal.  This massage is optimal for post- surgery scar tissue release, lymph drainage, and detoxification  and is ideal for recently recovering cancer patients not in active treatment. Healing is a continually evolving process and this is a great step towards rebooting your bodies innate ability to heal. Whether you prefer a gentle, relaxing medley of strokes or our slow, conscious and focused approach to deep tissue massage, our survivorship massage is individualized for your needs and can be modified according to your preferred pressure and health precautions. This manual therapy massage integrates numerous modalities (myofascial release, trigger point therapy, Swedish, & lymphatic drainage) to optimize maximum healing for chronic relief, health, and/or deep relaxation.

Survivorship Massage Prices
Minutes 30 60 90
Price $50 $70 $90


Henna Crown

Empower yourself, feel beautiful, be a walking work of art.  Join the global community, henna heals, with a beautifully adorned henna crown.  Henna is an ancient form of body adornment and ceremonial art from India and is 100% safe and natural.  Henna art is temporary and begins to fade at approximately  two to four weeks. Price varies depending on intricacy of and time needed for elaborateness of design.  It is preferred if you bring some visuals and ideas for your preference in design. Some design templates available.  $80 (about 90 mins full crown)

$80 (typically takes 90 mins for a full crown design)


All services are provided on-site at Divine Providence Hospital in Williamsport, PA