Do you want smooth, healthy, shiny hair? The question is, who doesn’t? Give your hair the treatment it deserves with our NEW complete Organic Keratin hair restoration system.  This natural Keratin & Protein soothing system eliminates frizz, controls unmanageable hair and strengthens follicles to prevent hair loss. 

Find your radiant shine, tame curls, seals in color, and enjoy smooth, shiny, and healthy radiant hair.  This natural and organic formula and innovative product line will leave your hair and all hair types feeling fabulously soft and silky with a deep shine.

What makes Organic Keratin Treatment different then others?

Its non-toxic and formaldehyde free! Plus, this smoothing system delivers superior benefits without any health risks and is not hard on your hair like so many Keratin straightening treatments. Our Keratin is not a straightener, but a strengthener and a treatment to restore you hair to its optimal health.

Keratin Treatment Prices

This treatment takes about two hours and lasts 3-4 months. For best results, it is recommended you color you hair prior to a Keratin treatment and cut your hair after.  For maximum benefits you must avoid washing your hair for 3-4 days after treatment. You should not get your hair wet in this time frame and avoid tying your hair back.


Short hair – $100          Mid-length hair – $150          Thick, long hair – $200

Maintenance treatment – $50
Recommended once a month to maintain and prolong your treatment.


Limited Time Offer

Enjoy 30% OFF Keragreen products with a treatment. Shampoo & Conditioner highly recommended due to the presence of keratin and protein in the after care products to maintain and prolong your treatment.