What is Ultrasonic Cleansing?

Ultrasonic cleansing uses ultrasonic waves that create a strong pressure through vibration to rid waste matter and to open the pores for a deep cleaning. It promotes metabolism, increases blood circulation, and stimulates the revival of the skin tissue.

What is Galvanic Therapy?

Galvanic therapy's main function is to introduce water soluble products into the skin using either a positive or negative pole. It prepares the pores for extraction by softening the oils in the pores with the help of a disincrustation fluid.  It also aids in penetrating products deeper into the skin like our lovely moisture mask! 

What are the Benefits of High Frequency? 

  • Germicidal action  
  • Kills bacteria and is ideal for oily skin
  • Aids in elimination and absorption 
  • Stimulates blood circulation 
  • Increase metabolism 

What are your options for Exfoliation and what is exfoliation?

Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. It promotes cellular turnover revealing fresher looking skin. 

Our estheticians can customize your exfoliation based on your skin care needs. We have a full range of physical and chemical exfoliants with various options of aggression. Included in your service we have either a gentle oat and blue corn scrub (Rhassoul) for our most sensitive clients, a more aggressive fruit polish sugar scrub (Vaccinium), and or one of our daily Alpha Hydroxy Acid chemical pads derived from sugars and fruits for acne(Camellia) or anti-aging (Passiflora).  

For more aggressive exfoliants please refer to our advanced add-ons.  We offer various chemical peels, dermaplaning, or microdermabrasion. 

why steam?

Although steam time varies by skin type, steam can be a powerful product penetrator and also softens the oil in the pores preparing the skin for extractions. In our botanical facials steam accompanies a luxurious Lavendula cleansing oil with nutrient rich nut oil. It is loaded with antioxidants, nutrients and vitamin E for sparkly rich hydrated skin. For more sensitive skin, enjoy a cool compress with our Cedrus elixer to sooth and calm the skin while you steam.

What are extractions?

An extraction is the process of clearing a clogged or compacted pore of debris including blackheads and whiteheads.  This can sometimes be painful, but when the skin is properly prepared and the esthetician is professionally trained with proper tools it is highly effective. 

facial massage

Facial massage is a powerful tool for anti aging. It flushes toxins and congestion, promotes blood flow, increases collagen production and gives your face a healthy and natural glow. Muscle stimulation lifts and sculpts facial tissue for a natural face lift.  

Customized masks

Our professional skin therapists will individualize and choose a combination for your mask treatment based on your skin care needs.

Our Vesiculosis Clarifying Mask's micro molecules drink oils, toxic substances and impurities from the skin. It is ideal for oily skin and occasional blemishes.  It is a rich synergy of vitamins and minerals from our Sea Kelp and Sea Clay for a highly nutritious treat for your skin.  This mask is especially beneficial for large pores and the T-zone. 

Our Melli Tap Mask is ideal for all skin types. Honey when applied to the skin naturally catalyzes and speeds up the healing process. It is antiseptic, antibacterial and has medicinal properties. As a softening skin mask, it is a match made in heaven for problem, dry, oily, mature, or sensitive skin and is mild enough to be used daily! We apply this mask with a lifting facial massage that increases circulation, reduces puffiness and improves skin elasticity and firmness in the underling facial muscles creating a fresh and sculpted face lift. This mask can also be used as a spot treatment for blemishes.

Our Helianthus Moisture Mask is the most popular mask in the treatment room. This soothing, hydrating emollient rich crème features Organic Aloe, Sunflower seed oil and luscious Shea Butter and infuses high levels of moisture and hydration for dry skin. It is an intense dose of oleic acid. These rich fatty acids have potent antioxidant compounds and fight free radical damage. Combined with Organic Chamomile (stimulates skin metabolism) and Calendula (promotes healing with its anti-inflammatory properties) your skin will be soft and radiant.

Our Santallum Soothing Mask can be a fabulous soothing treatment on its own as a dry mask or added to various carriers like aloe or our Moisture Mask for various skin needs. This is an exotic combination of Moroccon Rhassoul Clay, Honey and Sandalwood. High in silica and magnesium, rich in antioxidants, and gently anti-inflammatory.